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Thursday, 4 January , 2007 / ermes

Stati Uniti d’America… e d’Europa

L’anno nuovo sembra portare buone nuove. La Presidenza di turno dell’Unione Europea, affidata per un semestre alla Germania dal 1° gennaio scorso, pare interessata ad un progetto che potrebbe sconvolgere l’intera politica mondiale. In un intervista al Financial Times, di cui si riporta breve stralcio, il Cancelliere Angela Merkel si dice, tra le righe, favorevole alla proposta di creare un mercato comune tra le due sponde dell’Atlantico. I federalisti europei (e kantiani… quindi mondiali) di sempre esultano. That’s (quite) incredible

pace-attraverso-federalismo.jpgFT: Chancellor, you talk of seeking a new transatlantic partnership with the US during the German presidency of the EU and G8. How do you plan to improve the transatlantic relationship?

Ms Merkel: At the forthcoming EU-US summit we want to talk about ever-closer economic co-operation. Our economic systems are based on the same values. The EU and the US have sophisticated patent legislation. We have regulatory mechanisms governing our financial markets. We should be looking for ways to keep developing these together at a transatlantic level. We must watch out that we do not drift apart, but instead come closer together, where there are clear advantages for both sides.

For example, it causes unnecessary friction for patent rules in the US to be structured differently from those in the EU. I think our economies can save a lot of money and effort, in stock market share offerings, for instance, or in setting technical standards. We face the same tough competition from Asian markets, and from Latin America in the future. We must join forces and co-operate, for instance in the fight for better intellectual property protection in the global market.

FT: Matthias Wissmann, your fellow member of the Christian Democratic Union, has called for the creation of a transatlantic single market by 2015. Is this your target too?

Ms Merkel: I do not want to mention a specific date. But we have accumulated a certain expertise about single markets in Europe, which we can apply on the transatlantic level. With increasing globalisation, this can be a good basis for transatlantic co-operation. In the EU, we have also learnt how to combine the Anglo-Saxon and continental European legal systems, which are very different from one another. This is why I think transatlantic co-operation will in fact be more straightforward in many areas than might appear at first glance.


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  1. ermes / Jan 4 2007 8:50 PM

    Chiamare in causa Kant e pensare ad Iperione è stato per me unico atto! Se il “Vittorio Feltri” di Abeona mi riferisce un’altra volta che lui e la filosofia percorrono strade separate… prometto gli rendo schiaffi – nonviolenti – in pubblico! Urge abbraccio stritolatore dell’History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell! Come on Germes, write some quotes for us… For instance, why don’t you share the reflections about Rousseau’s “oxfordian” savage?! Thank you friend!

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