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Sunday, 1 February , 2009 / ermes

“Nobody will be able to claim that we did not know and therefore did not react”

Giorni addietro un caro amico mi ha donato un libro stupendo, La notte di Elie Wiesel. Due secondi dopo aver ricevuto il regalo e averne letto la bellissima dedica, è ricomparsa nella mia memoria (chissà per quali vie e confusioni…) una sconosciuta battaglia dell’autore: lotta di nobiltà, nonviolenza, umanità che avevo dimenticato ormai da troppo tempo.

[P.S.: al mio amicone un grazie grande quanto una casa!]

elie_wieselElie Wiesel joins call to expel Iran from UN

Dan Bentsur
Published: 09.12.06, 19:05 / Israel News

Nobel Prize laureate joins group of Israeli legal scholars, public figures calling for Iran’s removal from int’l body; ‘it is hard to believe that when Ahmadinejad is denying the Holocaust the enlightened world is planning to host him at General Assembly,’ group says; former ambassador to US Rosenne: Nobody will be able to claim that we did not know and therefore did not react

With the opening of the UN General Assembly on September 12, 2006, Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel has joined a call by Israeli legal scholars and public personalities who are calling for the expulsion of Iran from the UN due to the statements of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other members of the Iranian national security establishment.

The group said in a statement that it was established at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs “in order to warn of the violations by the Iranian president of the 1949 Convention to prevent and punish the crime of genocide and to propose the initiation of legal proceedings against Ahmadinejad within the UN framework.”

Members of the group include Dr. Meir Rosenne, former legal advisor to the Foreign Ministery and Ambassador of Israel to the US and France; Dr. Dore Gold, former Israeli Ambassador to the UN and today President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs; lawyer Irit Kahan, former director of the International Affairs Department at the State Attorney’s Office; Eytan Bentsur, former director-general of the Foreign Ministry; attorney Justus Reid Weiner, former director of the American Law and External Relations Department of the Justice Ministry, and MK Danny Naveh.

“The Jerusalem Center’s legal group has determined that the Iranian president is in violation of the 1949 Genocide Convention, which outlaws incitement to genocide,” Dori Gold said.

‘Mandatory moral obligation’

Eytan Bentsur added: It is inexplicable and inexcusable that the international community is not reacting vehemently to Ahmadinejad’s Nazi-style utterances. If there is no international uproar, he will be led to believe that he can get away with murder.”

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz and Professor Irwin Cotler, a member of the Canadian Parliament and former justice minister of Canada, have also joined the group’s call as of late.

“It’s quite incredible that 70 years after World War Two the president of a member country of the UN is stating load and clear that his intention is to wipe the Jewish State off the map and to realize the indifference of civilized countries when such a threat is uttered against the Jewish people,” Meir Rosenne said.

“Nobody will be able to claim that we did not know and therefore did not react.”

‘A real threat to humanity’

The group said it believes that Ahmadinejad’s statements constitute “direct public incitement to commit genocide and participation in genocide” and that “the Iranian threat is not a potential or theoretical one. On the basis of international legal standards, the president of Iran has violated the explicit prohibition in the Charter on the prevention and punishment of crimes of genocide. This violation is punishable by the UN, its main bodies and judicial organs the international, regional and municipal jurisdictions.

“The request to expel Iran from the family of nations is not only legitimate, but is the mandatory moral obligation of all those who see themselves obligated to the peace of mankind. Iran today endangers the peace of the entire world. It is necessary to do everything to prevent the president of Iran from fulfilling his plans, which pose a real threat to humanity,” the statement said.

“It is hard to believe that at a time when the president of Iran is making statements denying the Holocaust and does not hide his intention to erase Israel from the map, the enlightened world is planning to host Ahmadinejad at the opening of the General Assembly instead of evicting his country from the UN altogether.



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  1. ermes / Feb 1 2009 12:11 PM

    La risposta dell’ “enlightened world“.

    (Commento di Wiesel).

  2. / Feb 1 2009 9:03 PM

    I am Esfandiar Khodaee from Iran
    Do you really think if Iran is put aside from the UN, then every thing will be in order? It just creates more misunderstandings.
    I feel sorry for your type of language. You know president Bush realy wanted to overcome Iran and Hamas and Hizbolla, but couldnt. because this old methode is always failed.
    A democratic solution is always better than a military solution
    This is a frank truth that US couldn’t go forward with Iran by the language of threat and war. And this kind of policy led US in the weakest position.
    Don’t you feel a need for change in this kind of policy? U.S and Israel failed in wars against Hamas and Hizbolla. Then while the language of wild jungle doesn’t work, they would better to experience the language of human being and sit on the back of negotiation table and talk wit Iran.
    Obama is stepping in the right path. Democracy rules are great assessment for human being. If they don’t work then we should discard them and find substitution for them. Man has experienced the language of war and terror and bloodshed for thousands of years and finally found out that this policy doesn’t work in long term.
    I as an Iranian reformist believe that it is more possible to find the solution to misunderstandings between Iran and US in a friendly democratic atmosphere than in the hostile atmosphere of military war.
    Some believe talking is useful just in friendly positions, and in disagreements it isn’t useful to talk and we should fight. Then they suggest U.S politicians to attack Iran and put aside all the civilized and democratic solutions. They ridicule Obama for talking without any preconditions to Iran. But we should know that a democratic solution is always better than a military solution

  3. ermes / Feb 3 2009 11:12 AM

    Hi lorna! Thanks for expressing your opinion in our forum!

    I’m not agree with you. Elie Wiesel is not President George W. Bush (who, inter alia, did not bomb Iran…)

    Elie Wiesel is a survivor of two nazi concentration camps who knows and underlines the importance of words in producing genocides.

    He simply notes that an international (governmental) Organization based on the promotion of human rights cannot allow one of its members to support (and to finance) antisemitism.

    I believe the best thing democratic countries can do with Iran is supporting (and financing) democratic dissidents in the Middle East.

    We must try to avoid wars (in some cases, however, necessary… do you remember Rwanda?) by defending democratic opposition to dictators. A strong and united “Community of democracies” could realize this dream…

    Thanks again!

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