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Clicca sui link per vedere i video (o segui le istruzioni sulla colonna di destra):

  1. Vaclav Havel – Citizen Havel
  2. Vaclav Havel – Havel sobre Cuba
  3. PBS Uncommon Knowledge – Milton Friedman on Libertarianism
  4. Milton Friedman on limited government
  5. BBC News – June 4th 1989 – Tiananmen massacre
  6. PeaceJam – Aung San Suu Kyi
  7. Journeyman Pictures – Orhan Pamuk
  8. Hayek: Freedom’s Philosopher – Fighting the planners
  9. Amartya Sen – Identity and Violence: The violence of illusion
  10. Amartya Sen – Identity and Violence: Making sense of Identity
  11. Stop the genocide in Darfur
  12. Translating the works of Orhan Pamuk
  13. The power of choice – Milton Friedman
  14. L. von Mises – Liberty and economics
  15. Vienna and the Soviet Union
  16. Brian Steidle – In Darfur my camera was not enough
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